Discover the answers to your questions about Capital Cars Weddings here.

Which cars do you use?

We have a Tesla Model-S, Tesla Model-X , Mercedes S Class, E Class, and V-Class. All cars are chauffeur driven. Please see our fleet section for more information.

Do we need to be ready as soon as the car arrives?

Of course not! Our driver will arrive around ten minutes before your booking time and leave whenever it suits you (depending on your booking, the driver will be with you for the duration of your chosen package).

How does payment work?

We do not take a deposit. Payments can be made in advance. You can even have the option to pay it up in instalments.

What do the cars come with?

Ribbon, flowers, a smartly dressed chauffeur and the all important umbrellas (this is Scotland after all)!

How far in advance should I book?

This is up to you. Of course, the chance of you being able to book on your chosen day is greater if you do so in advance, but we will also try our best to accommodate last minute bookings.